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La Rotonda della Besana

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Ex Ospedale alla spalle del tribunale di Milano.
A volte nel periodo estivo si trasforma in un cinema all'aperto.

come raggiungerla: tram 9-12-20-23-27-29-30, autobus 60-73-77-84

The San Michele ai Nuovi Sepolcri complex, also known as the Foppone dell'Ospedale or the Rotonda della Besana, is Milan's most original eighteenth-century building: the four-wing church presents a dome above the central octagon and is surrounded by a harmonious curvilinear colonnade. It was built between 1713 and 1725 and was intended to be a church and a cemetery. In 1809 Eugene Beauharnais wanted to turn it into a Pantheon, but there were no funds for the project. After several restoration works, it now houses an exhibition centre.

Indirizzo : Via Besana Enrico, 15
Tel.: 02/5455047

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